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plus $100 / user / month

Starts at

Salesforce cloud platform plus

Complaints & compliments

  • Manage complaintsCapture and track complaints across all complaint stages.
  • Perform complaint investigationsCreate one or more investigations per complaint.
  • Capture compliments and recognise staffTrack compliments for departments and specific staff.

Streamline productivity

  • Procedure guides drive processProcedure guides show clear work instructions to follow.
  • Send and receive emailsSend emails to your customers from the Case File. Customers can reply and emails received are automatically linked to Case File.
  • Create your own email templatesEmail templates allow you to create standard responses like "Acknowledgement", "Thank You for the Feedback" or "Formal complaint response" emails that you can reuse.
  • Create tasks for yourself and othersCreate tasks with due dates. Track what the next steps are and who's holding up the Case File.
  • Track email follow ups easily.Emails can be tagged with a follow up flag and a due date.
  • Homepage shows workload and to-do’s.Shows unallocated Case Files, Case Files by progress stage, Case File by Owner, unread emails and tasks by due date.

Reports / dashboards

  • Reason code master (classification)Create your own classification scheme using touchpoints, product area, process and customer experience. Report on customers perception.
  • Create dashboards to uncover insightsDashboards can group many report tables or charts. Create as many dashboards as you need using drag and drop.
  • Track complaints against your business units.Business units are a part of your organisation that you want to report Case Files against. Track complaints, compliments, enquiries, suggestions, incidents, financial hardship requests, external dispute resolution requests and investigations by business unit.
  • Export data you need quickly and easilyExport all of you data or specific data to excel / csv format whenever you want.


plus $100 / user / month

Starts at

Professional plus

Suggestions and risks

  • Financial HardshipCapture and manage Financial Hardship requests.
  • Manage suggestionsTrack internal or external suggestions for process or product improvements.
  • Suggestion MatrixManage your own Suggestion matrix that will rate the priority of the Suggestions made according to company standards.
  • Track High Risk ComplaintsPerform Risk assessments on Complaints and Incidents to prioritise them accordingly. Risk ratings are based on your company's Risk Matrix.
  • Risk MatrixManage your own Complaint and Incident Risk matrix for likelihood and consequence.

Advanced communications & stakeholders

  • Letter templatesCreate and manage your own letter templates that merge in data from the Case File you are working on. Save letters and re-open for finalisation and approvals.
  • SMS TemplatesCreate and manage your own SMS Templates that merge in data from the Case File. Send SMS's now or schedule then for a later date and time.
  • Track StakeholdersLink internal and external Stakeholders to a Case File and describe their involvement, keeping everyone informed.

Advanced productivity

  • Workload optimisationAutomatically distributes Case Files to appropriate staff who have the skills and capacity to work on the next work item. Saves team leaders from having to manually allocate Case Giles.
  • AI sentiment analysisArtificial Intelligence studies new Case Files and determines the level of negativity or positivity. This allows you to prioritise extremely negative complaints and incidents.
  • Keyword detectionDetects keywords that you manage and alerts you to those Case Files. Examples could include bomb threats etc.

Complaints Pro® Add Ons


$500 / month

Quality assurance is about performing investigations with root cause analysis, to identify one or more root causes and then creating and executing corrective and preventive actions. Doing this efficiently is not simple and keeping every relevant stakeholder in the loop is even harder. The Quality add on provides the following:

  1. Root Cause analysis using Ishikawa (fishbone) diagrams is built in with the ability to download or email the diagram directly from Complaints Pro®.
  2. Corrective and preventive actions.
  3. QA alerts detect patterns of common root causes and alert you in real time.

Capture Only Launchpad

$300 / month

Purchasing licenses for all staff in a large organisation can be expensive and given that most staff need the ability to just lodge a complaint, enquiry, compliment, incident, suggestion or non conformance, it seems crazy to have to pay for a full license for just this need. The capture only launch pad is a single license across your entire organisation and allows any staff or volunteer to lodge the complaint, enquiry, compliment, incident, suggestion or non conformance directly into Complaints Pro® with attachments like photos.

Credit Card Blocker

$750 / month

Customers may email you or provide credit card numbers when submitting a complaint or enquiry via your website. Credit Card blocker detects credit card numbers and either permanently masks (irreversible) them or blocks them from all unauthorised users, until they are processed and then permanently masks them. If any credit card numbers are detected after a configurable time like 5 days, they can be automatically masked ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Industry Packs

Financial Services

$2000 / month

Compliance to ASIC regulations like RG 165 and RG 271 are mandatory for financial service providers. Since 2020, RG 271 has introduced many sections that are now enforceable.

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Food Safety

$600 / month

Manufacturing food products for humans or pets not only requires adherence to strict quality control processes but also to food safety related quality processes. 

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$600 / month

Complaints Pro® manufacturing industry pack is designed to help manufacturing organisation use a risk based approach to managing complaints and non conformances.

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Community Services and NFP

$600 / month

Managing complaints, enquiries and compliments in community service or NFP organisations can be challenging with volunteers and staff often spread over many locations around the state or country.

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$500 / month

Complaints Pro® allows you to link schools, departments and staff to complaints, enquiries and compliments. Using the course master you can store all your institution's courses and link them to departments and schools.

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