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Experts in complaints

Since 2002, Causia® has been focusing on one thing … the pursuit of complaints, quality and compliance best practice in the following industries:

  1. Superannuation Funds
  2. Superannuation Services
  3. Banking
  4. General Insurance
  5. Insurance Underwriters
  6. Food Safety
  7. Community Services (NFP)

When you focus on one concept for so long, you learn a few things.

And our team of complaints, quality and compliance experts have added these things to Complaints Pro®, giving your business the advantage:

  • Streamline processes across departments
  • Find and fix root causes permanently
  • Build better customer relationships
  • Unleash opportunities to continually improve 
  • Respond quickly to every issue
  • Uncover real actionable insights
  • Detect and act on trends early

We understand the importance of professionally managing complaints, quality and compliance. It’s all about streamlining your operations.

Getting it right means you can focus on your value add and not get stuck in the trenches.

But it’s got to be easy to get started…

Complaints Pro® is an industry-specific complaints, quality and compliance management software, powered by Salesforce, that makes it easy to operationalise, so you can start realising benefits in months, not years.


You’ll be streamlining complaints, quality and compliance and driving continuous improvement in no time by:

  • Centralising complaints, quality and compliance management
  • Avoiding time-consuming duplication of information
  • Decreasing response time for both customers and internal staff
  • Improving and maintaining business reputation
  • Measuring results in ways you could never achieve before
  • Growing your company from insights gathered from complaints and recommendations
  • Reducing compliance and quality risks

Leading Complaints departments trust
Complaints Pro

I have seen about 20 different Complaints Management systems in my time in the Financial Services Industry and Complaints Pro® is by far and away the best.

National Manager Complaint Solutions - Aware Super