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Your member-centric, enterprise complaints management solution

  • ASIC RG 271 Compliant
  • In-built AFCA EDR Processes
  • ISO 10002: 2023 Compliant
  • Powered by Salesforce
  • Hosted in Australia
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Is your current complaints management process disorganised, time consuming and error prone? Complaints Pro for Superannuation Funds is the solution.

Spreadsheet Hell
Your current excuse for a Complaints Process
  • Managing complaints in a spreadsheet
  • No clear structure or centralised workflow
  • Few complaint capture channels
  • Non-standardised processes
  • Difficult and confusing reporting structure
  • No birds eye view
Complaints Pro Superannuation Funds
Where you finally get your Complaints Management Process together
  • One uniform system
  • Clear and simple self-guided workflows
  • Compliant out of the box
  • Multi-channel complaint capture
  • Simple and easy to use reports and dashboards
  • Fail-safe processes
  • Role based privileges

Trusted by industry leaders

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Send and Receive (2)

Streamlined Communication Management

Send and receive both emails and SMS directly from Complaints Pro, with email signatures and ‘from email address’, that reflect the brand the complaint is related to.

Email drag and drop

Intuitive Information Capture

Self-guided wizards make it easy to capture lodged as open and closed on first contact complaints, whilst ensuring all data required for compliance is collected. Also, with clever features like being able to drag and drop emails from outlook directly into a case file, gather evidence with ease.

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Workload Tracking

Track open cases, investigations, and to-do’s by due date, severity, and other criteria. View items that need actioning in a variety of formats, including monthly calendar view, Kanban, and list/detail views.

Reports and Dshboards

Analytics and Reports

Provides interactive dashboards, an extensive report library, and ad-hoc report design tools with full drill-down support. Reports can also be delivered daily, weekly or monthly to your mailbox.

Evidence Timeline

Case Management

Ensure streamlined end to end processing of all cases regardless of severity, whilst adhering to required SLA targets and other regulatory requirements, with key features such as:

  • Role based privileges
  • Evidence management
  • Activity timeline: A real time transcript of every single action during the complaints management process

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What's the investment?

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$1000 / mth
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$2000 / mth
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$3000 / mth
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Named user licenses

Named users can be either Case Managers or Case Collaborators.

Case Manager $50 /mth

Case Manager license is a full power user. All functions including sending Emails and SMS, creating reports and dashboards are included.

Case Collaborator $20 /mth

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Don’t take our word for it

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"I have seen about 20 different Complaints Management systems in my time in the Financial Services Industry and Complaints Pro® is by far and away the best."

National Manager Complaint Solutions - Aware Super

Some common questions

Is Complaints Pro for Superannuation Funds CPS 234 Compliant?

Yes, Complaints Pro for Superannuation Funds is 100% compliant to all regulatory bodies that govern both the Superannuation Funds industry and financial services industry as a whole.

What happens if ASIC RG 271 is updated?

Causia is responsible for keeping your system up to date with any and all RG 271 updates.

Do I have to manually extract and prepare data from Complaints Pro for Superannuation Funds for my IDR regulatory portal report?

No. Complaints Pro for Superannuation Funds has a one button ASIC IDR Regulatory Portal Report Extract. When combined with a reconciliation report, you get full visibility into your data before submitting the report to ASIC.

Is a Salesforce license required in order to use Complaints Pro for Superannuation Funds?

No, users only need a Complaints Pro for Superannuation Funds license as it includes the Salesforce platform.

How long does it take to implement Complaints Pro for Superannuation Funds?

Complaints Pro for Superannuation Funds can be implemented into your organisation in as little as 6 weeks, including full training.

If we end up getting confused and require help, how can we obtain assistance post purchase?

Via the online support portal. Causia's customer success team are always ready to ensure that your questions are answered and everything is running smoothly, at zero additional cost.

Where will my data be stored?

Thanks to Salesforce, your data can be stored in your choice of secure Salesforce data centres worldwide.

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