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Transforming the way you manage complaints, enquiries and compliments with compliance

You know how difficult it is to share complaints, compliments and enquiry information between schools, departments and staff. Let alone adding compliance to the mix and then resolve issues effectively.

But it’s so important to the success of educational organisations…

Done right, the efficient management of complaints enquires and compliments improves outcomes for all stakeholders.


Introducing Complaints Pro®
Education Industry Pack


Complaints Pro® by Causia® is your industry-specific, enterprise-wide complaints, quality and compliance system powered by Salesforce. Allowing you to link schools, departments and staff to complaints, enquiries and compliments.

Store all your institution's courses and link them to departments and schools using Course Master.

Student self-service is made simple with our launch page. Integrated into your website, students can lodge complaints, enquiries and compliments 24/7.

Get these questions answered easily with Complaints Pro®:

  • Which departments have the most complaints?
  • Which courses receive most enquiries?
  • Which staff have received compliments?
  • What does the complaint trend look like year on year by school and department?
  • How many complaints are being resolved within the timeframes set by our policy and which departments, schools and staff are not meeting the timeframes?

You’ve already got a great team, imagine what your institution can achieve with reliable, comprehensive complaints, enquiries and compliments system.

Complaints Pro® delivers the tools you need.  So you can take control and stop missing opportunities to improve efficiency, services and relationships. 


Forget trying to build spreadsheets and outdated database systems to do the job, the essential features are already built and automated in Complaints Pro®:

  • Store courses and link them to departments and schools
  • Integrated into your website, student self-service is made simple, students can lodge complaints, enquiries and compliments 24/7.
  • Powerful real-time dashboards to see department and school specific complaints, enquiry and compliment performance.
  • Manage systemic issues and root cause analysis.
  • Create emails and letter templates and manage final IDR responses from draft to final submission.

Additional Features


Course and School / Department Master

To effectively manage information and resolve issues, it’s so important to log complaints, enquires and compliments to specific courses...

Have all your courses set up within Complaints Pro®, so you can:

Easily add, maintain and deactivate courses

Create course-specific reports

Gain course-specific insights


Integrated Email Communications

Tracking communication between your team, students and other staff is critical for effective complaint, enquiry and compliment management...

Easily create professional email templates.

Created and manage using point and click

No IT skill needed

Track correspondence

Merge data, including student, name, number, course details, complaint, date

Add logo, header and footer


Reports and Dashboards

Reports time can be stressful, time consuming and complicated.

Not any more...

Build reports and dashboards to suit your specific needs.

Created using the easy drag and drop tool

Add charts

Schedule reports

Add reports to specific topic dashboards

For example:

Easily create a department specific dashboard showing everything that department needs to know about complaint, enquiry and compliment trends. With performance broken down by time, course, student type etc.