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A Deeper Look Into ISO 10002: The International Standard for Complaints Handling

When it comes to handling complaints from customers, there is a lot of room for error. Considering how important complaints handling is for your reputation, customer retention and issue identification, it’s essential to get it right. 

That’s where the International Standard for Complaints Handling, ISO 10002, comes in. 

What Is ISO 10002?

ISO 10002 was created to provide guidance and a standard specifically for complaints handling. 

Planning, design, operation, maintenance and improvement are all covered under the standard and can be applied to any complaint related to a product or service that is received by an organisation. 

The standard emphasises:

  • A customer-focussed environment 
  • A commitment to managing complaints, including allocating appropriate resources
  • Ease of use and accessibility to the complaints process
  • Recognition and the addressing of the needs of the complainant
  • The reviewing and auditing of the complaints handling process

For more information about ISO 10002, read our eBook today. 

Why Is It Important?

It’s essential to have an internationally recognised standard when it comes to complaints handling.

Through ISO 10002, every business knows what consumers expect of a business and exactly how to meet those expectations. 

By meeting these standards, businesses are able to ensure that their customer complaint handling processes are airtight. This helps to identify systemic issues, boost customer loyalty and improve reputation, thereby increasing profits. 

Read more about why complaints handling is important in our blog

What Is The Best Way To Meet ISO 10002?

At Causia®, we’ve designed our software Complaints Pro® to incorporate ISO 10002 complaints management best practices and we are proud to be awarded ISO 10002 certification. 

By using Complaints Pro®, you’ll know you are guaranteed to be meeting the international standard for customer complaints every time you handle feedback your business receives. 

Book a demo to see for yourself today. 

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