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The 5 Top Reasons Customers Complain

When you’re running a business, receiving customer complaints about your service can be stressful. You’ve tried hard to tick all the boxes and please people, and someone still has to complain. 

Responding to customer complaints can be an overwhelming task. You’re busy trying to run the business, organise your staff and products, and simply don’t have time for a few complaining customers. 

The simple truth is that complaints and reviews make a big difference to your company’s reputation. If you’re trying to make your business the best it can be, you may be wondering what are the aspects which cause customers to complain?

When customers complain, it’s usually because they are hoping to point out an issue with your business’ employees, process or strategies. Rather than ignore the complaint, you should see it as a chance to build a better relationship with your customer. 

Here’s our top 5 reasons why customers complain so you can avoid making these mistakes in your business:

1. Poor Customer Service

The top reason why customers complain is due to slow, rude, or sloppy customer service. No one likes waiting ages for their pizza or being left on hold on the phone.

No matter if your business is a fast food franchise or an insurance company, customers want fast, timely and efficient service. Remember your employees are the face of your business, if they provide poor service, it will reflect your overall reputation.

2. Sneaky Up-Sells

Another strong reason why customers complain is due to unexpected costs. Hidden costs, sneaky up-sells, complex payment methods, no free shipping and unclear pricing policies add to customers’ frustration with your business.

3. Low Quality Goods or Services

If you promise high quality products and then don’t deliver on that promise, customers are bound to complain. They’ve invested their hard-earned money into your brand, and don’t like to be disappointed. 

4. Poor Customer Experience

If a customer finds it difficult to navigate your website and over complicated to make a purchase, they will be frustrated and likely to complain. Make sure they can have a positive user experience with your website, checkout, and shipping process. 

5. Not Providing Contact Details

If a customer struggles to make contact with your business, or is left with no response, they are likely to complain on social media. Providing easy ways to contact your business and taking the time to listen and respond is essential for maintaining a good relationship. 

Looking For A Way To Manage Complaints?

Responding to customer complaints can be a time-consuming and challenging task. With the right software, you can streamline your systems and improve your business. 

At Causia, we offer industry-specific complaints software to turn complaints into value. Book a demo to try out Complaints Pro® today.

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