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The Best Way Superannuation Companies Can Streamline Customer Processes

In the superannuation industry, not only is it important to ensure your customers feel valued and your reputation remains pristine, but there are also a number of compliance requirements related to customer processes that businesses are obliged to meet. 

From complaints to remediation, there are numerous ways to streamline these customer-centric processes… and the best ways to do so are efficient, effective and inexpensive.

Here’s how you can show your customers you can, boost your reputation and remain compliant.

Customer Complaints

When it comes to complaints resolution, you need to be across ASIC’s RG 271 to ensure you remain compliant when handling customer issues.

Have a look at our blog RG 271 And Superannuation Disputes: The Enforceable Paragraphs for more information on the imperative actions you must take to remain compliant. 

As for making compliance and maintaining your customer’s loyalty easy, you can’t go past a purpose built software like Complaints Pro®.

With built in features to guarantee compliance, cloud based and accessible to the teams that need it and a simple to use interface, you can ensure that no customers are slipping through the cracks by ensuring compliance and a quick and favourable resolution for all parties. 

Learn more about Complaints Pro® here

Consumer Remediation

ASIC’s implementation of CP 350 means that consumer remediation processes for superannuation businesses are essential to follow.

As a business in this sector, if one of your advice licensees gives false or misleading advice that affects your clients, you must seek to remediate them. However, a consumer remediation process requires a lot of time, effort and staff. Managing this effectively is difficult - particularly if you don’t have the right tools and processes. 

With Remediation Pro®, Causia’s newest product, you’ll have the means to properly remediate your customers in the most efficient and cost effective way, all while remaining compliant to ASIC’s requirements.

Remediation Pro® is designed to:

  • track the remediation against consumer outcomes and monitor progress;
  • justify the decision-making rationale;
  • report to senior staff and ASIC if required;
  • demonstrate compliance with legal obligations and RG256 / CP 350; and
  • learn from the remediation after it is finalised.

To learn more about our remediation solution, contact us today or visit us at the 2022 ASFA Conference on April 27 and 28 on the Gold Coast, Queensland!

Looking to Streamline your Customer Processes?

At Causia®, we have all of the solutions with none of the fuss. We’ve worked with numerous Superannuation services to ensure our software products have all of the features required to make your life simple.

To learn more about our products, book a demo today.

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