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Why Complaints Handling is Essential for Every Business

When it comes to customer service, handling a disgruntled customer’s complaint usually isn't a fun task. However, handling customer complaints can be a hugely useful tool when it comes to improving your business.

Whether you choose to manage the feedback you receive through spreadsheets, dedicated complaint management software or your own system, it’s essential to do it properly.

Here’s why:

Complaints Handling Helps To Retain Customers

If you handle a consumer’s complaint efficiently and effectively, it’s likely that the customer will continue to use your product or service in the future. 

While you may not view losing one client a huge loss on your company, this can add up if you are not handling the complaints you receive well enough. Complainants with unresolved complaints are also more likely to leave negative reviews, meaning other current customers may shy away from your company.

It’s Often A Compliance Requirement

For certain sectors, handling complaints is not only good business practice - it’s also an industry requirement. 

Take the financial services industry for example. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) specifies a number of requirements for dealing with customer complaints and internal dispute resolutions in their Regulatory Guide 271. You can read all about these compliance requirements on our blog

By having a system that has the compliance obligations in-built, you can guarantee that you are meeting the relevant criteria for every complaint. 

Complaints Can Point To Systemic Issues

If you’re getting a few complaints about one issue, it can indicate that there is a wider problem occurring in your company. 

As a part of your complaints handling process, it’s important to monitor the feedback you receive via root cause analysis and uncover issues that may be affecting customers that aren’t complaining as well.

It’s helpful to do this via dedicated software like Complaints Pro®. Root cause analysis and systemic issue alerts are built into the system, as well as reporting, compliance and timing alert features. That means you can rest assured that your complaints handling process is as robust as possible.

Your Dedicated Complaints Software

Ensure you are handling every complaint efficiently and guarantee improvement in your business with Complaints Pro®.

With in-built features to satisfy industry requirements, your customers and internal reporting obligations, our cloud-based system has everything you need for properly handling customer feedback.

Book a demo today to find out how our software can give you insight into your business and boost your reputation.

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